Novice Bundle (March – May 2018)

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The Novice Bundle combines the Prep Class with the Long Pose.

The Prep Class is a 2 day workshop designed to give students a head start in figure class.

In this workshop students learn the studio’s basic step-by-step while making a master copy from the 19th century Bargue drawing course.

The Long Pose is our main workshop. It’s a six-week once-a-week class in which the attendees can learn and master the ins and outs of the Atelier method.

The Prep Class occurs every weekend (Sat.-Sun.) before the start of our 6 week Long Pose class and we provide a massive 50% discount OFF the Long Pose if attended together in this Bundle.


Prep Class Schedule:

Sat March 24th, 10-1pm, Lunch break, 2-5pm
Sun March 25th, 10-1pm, Lunch break, 2-5pm

Long Pose Schedule:

Every Saturday, March 31st through May 5th, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Please note that you can take advantage of the Novice Bundle’s huge discount only once, in order for you to prepare for your first Long Pose.



2 Days Prep Class

Workshop: Learn the studio's basic techniques.


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Long Pose (Model: Halsey)

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