Frequently Asked Questions & Studio Policy

FAQs and Studio Policy

Please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing our classes.


Frequently Asked Questions.




I can’t find class dates. Can I start attending the Cast Program and or the Master Study Program at any time?


Yes, you can start attending from any week-end throughout the year. It works like a gym or yoga class.


Can I sign up for the Figure Program at any time?


No, enrollments for the Figure Program will be closed while a Long Pose is in progress. They will be opened the week a new Long Pose starts. Long Poses last 8 weeks, please check the Figure Program page for a schedule of the Long Poses. Make sure to join the waiting list on the same page for a notification when the enrollment is open again.



Are the Week Subscriptions like punch card entries or am I supposed to attend all the sessions I subscribed for consecutively?


Currently the weeks sessions are designed to be taken consecutively (i.e. with no breaks in between). We may start offering a punch card system as well in the future. Currently we don’t offer this to avoid running into under or over-booking issues as our spots are limited.


Can I reserve a spot a few weeks/months from now?


We currently don’t offer the possibility to reserve a future spot. We offer pre-enrollment for classes starting on Oct. 13th and 14th only.


Can I start painting from the start, why do I have to draw first?


Each of our programs will all begin with drawing as it is one the most essential elements of painting.


This is the system we used when studying in the academies and believe it is effective. The reason is that by learning strong drawing skills you will be able to paint on your own, without relying on an instructor, more easily.


Painting and drawing should not be seen as something separate as they are intertwined and support one another equally. To make better paintings one needs to make better drawings. That’s why we want you to build upon strong foundations.


What are the Program Projects like?


In each Program you start with graphite and you complete a number of graphite drawings before moving to more complex mediums, usually charcoal, sepia and white chalk.
After that you will start working in oil, in black and white. Then you will move to full color in oil.


Projects take as long as necessary to finish them, this could mean two weeks or two months or more, depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of time and focus you can dedicate to it. Simply put, work at your own pace.


Where can I find a list of the Program’s Projects?


We will publish a curriculum for all of our programs soon.


I want to buy a class as a gift for a friend/loved one, how do I do that?


Purchase some of the store credit in the Enroll section, you will receive a coupon code that you can share with them!


Experience Level


I have never drawn before. Is this too advanced for me?


Absolutely not!


Now is never too late to get started having art in your life!
This is not to say that it will not be challenging. But keep in mind that it is challenging no matter your level!
It is extremely rewarding to be able to visually understand our universe and to be able to recreate it.


Think of our classes as if you were to sign up for guitar lessons on a weekly basis.


If it is your first drawing, be prepared to experience mistakes! Luckily the mistakes are completely necessary! We need them in order to learn.
Working through mistakes together with student and teacher is the best way to improve.


We also suggest looking into the Charles Bargue Drawing Course. You can find a free PDF online. It’s a good way to get an idea of what the lessons will be like. We do not teach from the book, but our style is fairly similar.


I am a total beginner. What class should I take?


We suggest starting out with our Cast/Still Life Program or Master Study Program first.


For the Figure Program we require one month of study (12 hrs total) in the Cast/Still Life Program (or the equivalent hours in two weeks, twice a week).


This way you can learn about the studio methods in an easy setting without a moving model.
This applies both to those with experience and to those without.


Taking a 12 hour Cast/Still Life course will give you an immense head start on your first day with the model. 


I am a professional / experienced artist. What can you offer me?


We love working with all levels!


As a professional artist we can offer you an excellent opportunity to get refreshed! We cater each of our critiques to our students based on their individual needs.
Meaning we can work with both advanced students and beginners in the same classroom! We do teach particular methods within the studio, however we can easily adjust to your particular style or method, and incorporate it into our critiques and lesson plan for you.


Send us an email and let us know what your goals are and what we can help you with!


Location & Materials


I am having trouble finding your Studio. Where are you located?


Our address is on Defoe but our front door is on Hawthorne St., across from the Clay Studio. We have a black sign out front.


What materials do I need to bring to Portrait Club?


Bring any medium you like! Or just bring some paper, a pencil, and an eraser.


We will supply your easel and drawing board (just no splattering please!).


I’m enrolled in a Workshop not listed in the Supply Lists , what materials should I bring?


If the materials list is not up yet, it will be up shortly. Please stay tuned for updates and check the Supply List page.

Studio Policy


We offer a subscription option as a way for our classes to be affordable and easy to purchase for everyone.
We charge on a weekly basis between $40-55 per class.  The more classes you sign up for the higher discount you receive.

We have this in place because our programs are intended to be a continuous activity. Drawing and Painting is a lifelong activity and we want to help our students have it in their lives on a regular basis.

How it works: We bill your card automatically once a week for the amount of time that you signed up for. You will need to sign up again only once your time has expired.  This may be done with most card types and also with Paypal.

If you have any questions please email them to

Check Payment Option

If you would rather pay with check, we require the full amount prior to the first day of your class. Please note that with this option, your spot will not be reserved until payment has been received. 

Canceling a Class or a Subscription

  • Canceling Before Class Starts
    Full refunds available only on Pre-Enrollments up to two weeks before the start of class.
    Once the two week mark has passed, no refunds will be issued for any reason.
    Please email us to confirm your cancellation at
  • Canceling Midway
    Note that canceling during your subscription at any time is not possible. You will have to wait until the natural expiration of the Subscription. This policy is what allows us to offer you discounts on the 8, 12 and 16 week subscriptions.
  • Portrait Club and other events: For monthly subscriptions on a monthly basis, full refunds are available up to one week prior to the start of class, after that no refunds will be issued for any reason. Please email us to confirm your cancelation at

Class or Event Cancellations Made by The Missoula Fine Art Studio

If an instructor becomes ill, is unable to teach class or lead an event on a particular day, students will be notified as soon as possible, via email, and a credit will be issued to the student’s account OR a make up class on another day will be provided.

In the event of inclement weather, the studio may adjust opening/closing times or close the studio entirely to avoid putting you in an unsafe situation. In general, we follow the Missoula school district guidelines. If they’ve announced that their schools will be closed, our classes will be canceled as well. If closed we will have a headline on our website homepage saying Classes Are Canceled For Today.  If the closure is uncertain, you should call the studio (703.906.2967) to confirm class prior to coming in. You should also check our website for news.  Class credit OR a make up class will be issued.

Waiting List

If there isn’t a space for you immediately, we can put your name on a waiting list and will contact you if another student forfeits their spot or should another class open, please email us to let us know, at


The Missoula Fine Art Studio respects your privacy, and considers the responsible use of personal information. We will not share your personal information with other entities.

Class Minimum Required Enrollment

Classes are subject to cancellation if an inadequate number of students register. In this event, any tuition paid will be promptly refunded with notice of cancellation.The studio reserves the right to cancel a class up to 2 days prior to the start of the class, if there is insufficient enrollment. In this case, the studio will issue a full refund to all those students who have registered. Class cancellation will be announced to each student by email.

  • Long Pose Minimum: 3 students
  • Open Figure drawing: 3 students
  • Workshops: 3 students


Please do not come in to class if you have the flu or a cold, it will be much appreciated!

Missing a Day in Studio Class

Refunds/credits or make-ups are not offered for missed classes for any reason.


All classes containing nudity may not be attended by anyone under the age of 18. For our non-nude classes the minimum age limit is 13. Please check each class’s description and age requirements before registering. For students under 18 we ask to have the parent’s contact information in case of emergencies.

Classroom Attire

Missoula Fine Art Studio is not responsible for damaged clothing. You’ll want to be sure to dress appropriately for working in an artistic environment. The studio is full of many materials which students may come in contact with even when they are not using them in their own class. Students will most likely get a little messy and some of the media we work with may stain. Old clothes are the best!

Lost Items

Missoula Fine Art Studio is not responsible for any lost items.


Please arrive at the studio a few minutes before class. Late arrivals cause distraction and reduce the 1:1 time instructors have with each student. Once the model is posing the curtain will be CLOSED. You must wait outside the curtain until there is a model break to enter the figure room.

Focus In the Figure Room and With Models

Respectful behavior is expected at all times. A student, who proves to be continual distractions in the class, after repeated attempts by the instructor to refocus them, will be dismissed from the class. Studio refund will be offered, however with a 50% fee.
Our models are the most important element of our studio. We value their time and effort and ask our students to do the same. Please note, students may not take photographs of the models without prior consent.

Thank you!