Come Join Us

For Our Grand Opening Event!

Floral Workshop with Watercolors

Join Us for a Day of Relaxing Blooming Creativity, Flowery Fragrances and Lots of Color!

Open Figure

The Best Way to Get to Know the Studio, Try Our Open Figure Afternoons!

Novice Bundle

Take the Beginner Prep Class and Save 50% on Our Long Pose! Our Best Value Offer!

The studio is a space for everyone, from beginner to advanced, and from hobbyist to professional,
to come and learn, study, be refreshed, and to imagine.

Our method is modeled after the 19th and pre-19th century academies and ateliers.
We believe in the constant improvement of one’s craft.

The Missoula Fine Art Studio is the studio of artists Terra Chapman and Maurilio Milone.
On week-ends, we open the space for drawing and painting classes.

“Create your world, don’t consume it”
-Mary Shaffer

Open Figure

Our open figure sessions with a live model.
Choose your own technique, materials, style, and method!

Long Pose Figure Class

The Long Pose is the foundation of our program. The class covers fundamentals of figure drawing such as line quality, proportion, gesture, anatomy, and more.

The course is designed to give you a condensed version of what you may learn at the traditional 19th century art academies or contemporary realism ateliers.

All Levels Welcome!

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